Make-up is such an individual thing… How much is too much? Too little? Just enough? The reality is that for most of us, it just been too long since we have talked with an experienced skin care professional about make-up, never mind tried something new!

Every Day Make-up Application: $30
What a great way to play! Let us do your make-up…even if it’s just for fun! This usually takes only 30 minutes and can be a great, private way to try new looks and products!
Special Event Make-up Application: $50
Are you having a photo shoot? Hosting a special dinner? Is it Prom night? Making a big presentation? No matter what the occasion, sit back, relax and let our amazing make-up artists make you look your very best!
Bridal Make-Up: please email us at for a quote
You’ve thought of everything from napkin colors to who should sit next to whom at your reception. Let us help take your stress away on your big day! Having a professional apply your make-up is one of the best ways to relax a few hours before your wedding! This cost includes a trial application and consultation.
Customized Make-up Lesson: $50
Really, if it’s been since Junior High School that you’ve had anyone teach you about make-up, it’s time to get a second opinion! Bring in your own make-up: we’ll start there and show you the best way to apply what you have, and talk about what you might want to add or take away from what you are currently using and doing. Lots of clients love to book this service with a friend!
Lash Lift: $55
Looking for to wake up with gorgeous lashes but not ready to invest in lash extensions? Our lash lift is a semi-permanent lash curl process that lasts up to 6-weeks! Now that we can get on board with!!
Lash Lift and Tint: $80
Add a lash tint to make those eyes really stand out. We use only FDA approved lash tints for optimum safety and effectiveness.
Strip Eyelash Application
Individual Eyelash Application